Dorian's Guestbook

Dorian's guestbook

Well done Dorian. Your new pictures are the same high standard as the old ones. An excellent array of shots from the most humble of photographers.

Sweet web site Dorian, great shots too.


Hi Dorian you won't remember me but we met about four weeks ago at the triangle at the Burgh where you introduced yourself to me which is nice when one is a novice to a new hobby, we were all waiting for a glimpse of the RLB but to no avail.l had set up my camera in anticipation but alas !!! the purpose of my e-mail is to congratulate you on your fantastic array of photographs which l found by chance on the SOS website. Hope we cross paths in the future once more and very well done on those wonderful pics. Regards Gerry Millard.

Thank you!

Hi Dorian,
It was good to meet you last Sunday, after seeing your name on the SOS web site so many times, it was good to put a face to the name; thank you for giving me your web address; you've taken some truly fabulous photographs and thank you for sharing them with me. Hopefully I'll see you out birding again sometime.
Kind regards
Kim White.
Kim White

The pictures look even more beautiful on the small are very gifted.....


Little Crake photos

Hi Dorian

You took some amazing photos of the Arundel Little Crake
Paul Morris

A great website with some stunning images... Keep up the great work!!
Ben The Plumber

your website much more since I last viewed.........some really beautiful and inspired shots.
Bravo...keep on keeping on....